Unboxd is a virtual design project exploring the spaces between art and architecture, craft and technology, work and home life.

Say hello to Bento Studio:
(a) mobile live/work pod that just fits.

The world is your backyard.

What makes Bento special? It’s not just a tiny house on wheels – think of it as a modern studio. Many of us have different associations with the word ‘studio’, whether it be an urban loft space for art, or a small apartment. This project embodies that and much more.

Bento is designed and built as a sustainable option for flexible space on the go which accommodates the everyday and the extraordinary. 

Purpose built to support:

  • Wellness
  • Productivity
  • Connection
  • Focus
  • Flexible use
  • Educational Workshops

The project is a work nearing completion later this summer, and as more final photographs are ready, you’ll see them here soon. Check the blog for construction progress.

By the Numbers



It’s bigger on the inside, of course. This little box holds secrets.


14 FT

Visually feels like a much larger with cantilevered nook and sloped front wall.



Many use zones overlap, and when an activity is finished, it all neatly tucks away.



100% electric, grid tied with off grid expandability. efficiency. Plug and Play.



Built tight, with plenty of thermal comfort and air quality in mind, this little box is not your typical tiny house on wheels.



Goal of less than two years’ rent for a studio apartment in the Seattle area – or less than a year of an average London one bedroom flat.

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